The First Thousand Miles

 “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need?  Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.” Eckhart Tolle

Apprentice Rigger

It’s Thursday, the fifth day on Mooloolaba Marina, I’m working on the rigging and going for the Triple Crown of F-Bombs – the most in one sentence, an hour and a day.  Eckhart Tolle obviously doesn’t own a boat and if he did, he wouldn’t say something so annoying.  If there’s a temper lurking in the dark corners of your mind, a boat will surely bring it out.  I had thoughts, among many, of spending the whole year in Mooloolaba, something like Donald Crowhurst who faked his participation in the first Golden Globe Race ( ).  Ben made no secret of what it’s like being around me when I am like that.  Accepting reality can still be a challenge for me and a week delay this early in the journey, clearly is the experience I needed!

There’s plenty of buffer in the schedule and it’s better to shake out any breakages early, where there are good trades and facilities.  This voyage ends where it began, so there is nowhere to get to and all we need to do is enjoy the time in between. Calm restored.

Repairs aside, Mooloolaba is a nice place to hold up and we did enjoy some swims at the beach and a walk in the Noosa National Park.

With the various repairs completed, we set sail after 6 days, at lunchtime on Friday, with a fresh SE breeze pushing Galaxy III up the coast to Fraser Island.  We rounded Sandy Cape next morning and set a course up the Capricorn Channel to the Whitsunday Islands.

Ben & I were both resting in the cabin on Sunday morning, 50nm offshore from Shoalwater Bay, when a light plane flew low overhead.  Shortly after Border Force 55 called Galaxy on the radio to ask a few ‘routine questions.’  I must admit to not paying attention to the change from Customs & Immigration to Border Force (in 2015) and it seems the surveillance is very well resourced.

The SE breeze was consistent around 15-20kts for several days, with Galaxy covering over 150nm per day compared to our planned run rate of 120nm per day.  If the SE trades keep up, we’ll make up some of the time lost in Mooloolaba. Our first 1,000 nautical miles ticked over through Monday night, just north of the Whitsunday Islands, where we stopped briefly at Border Island for a swim & dinner.

After enjoying chicken, lamb & fresh vegetables, our fresh food is starting to run low.  Ben is experimenting with baking sourdough, with the first batch being somewhere between bread and a scone.  After hooking two fish, it’s time to land one or we’ll be eating tinned food for a while.  Let me just say, Ben is someone you don’t want to be around when he loses a fish.


  1. Evan & Kelly

    Great to see you are on the move and Ben good luck with the fishing. Remember is might be good sport to catch a large fish on a light line but if it means dinner or not I would go with a heavier line.

  2. Bernard

    All the best enjoying follow GalaxyIII.

  3. Sue Taggart

    I have just read and enjoyed your latest sailing and not sailing blog. I particularly like Eckhart Tolle’s quote and the diagram of reality …..especially after reading Mark Colvin’s last ever tweet ” its all been bloody marvellous “, who unfortunately past away today. Keep enjoying every moment and challenge on Galaxy 111

  4. Poodle

    re temper, fishing and breakages.The apple never falls far from the tree it seems? ( easy to say typing next to a fire in Godfreys Creek )

  5. Poodle

    How’s the sea sickness tablets working?

    1. the need for them has passed 🙂

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