Left at the Heads

Today the 27,000 nm ‘seabbatical’ around the world began on a perfect autumn day, with a departure from Sydney Harbour. The first leg is in light winds to Hardys Bay to collect Ben and provision the boat for the leg to Darwin.  It was a great pleasure and a memorable start, for Galaxy III to be escorted out of the harbour by several boats from Middle Harbour Yacht Club and Cammeray Marina.

Deanne, Emma, Dale, Dave & Johno seeing me on my way, with Evan, Kelly & Mike on Nashira in the background.


Ben & I have planned for a year and based on an average speed of 5kts, we will be sailing 2/3 of the year (over 5,000 hours) and enjoying the destinations for the remaining 1/3. Our route follows the trade winds and is timed to avoid cyclones (November – April) in the Southern Hemisphere and hurricanes (May-November) in the Northern Hemisphere.  The itinerary includes Indonesia, Maldives, Madagascar, South Africa, Brazil, Caribbean, Cuba, Panama, Tahiti & New Zealand.  Naturally, there will be some unplanned stops as well.

Preparing Galaxy III over the past two years has been a journey in itself and a steep learning curve that extends from repairing and preparing the boat, clocking up 6,000nm offshore over the past 2 years to RYA courses to investment in safety & communications equipment.   Many people have helped out along the way, though David James needs to be singled out for his sweat, blood, ideas and coaching.

When I talk to people about the trip, their response falls into one of two groups.  Either you must be crazy, what about storms and pirates?or what a fantastic adventure and an amazing thing to do with your son.  Both groups are partly right and we are looking forward to sharing our adventures on and in the ocean through this blog.



  1. Doriette

    Safe travels Chris and Ben- will look forward to seeing and reading the updates on this amazing and unique experience! X

  2. Paul Sinclair

    It’s a privilege to follow your journey. Good luck and have a great trip.

  3. Paul Sinclair

    Good luck Chris. I look forward to sharing the adventure vicariously.

  4. Tony Bonney

    Really looking forward to following you on this mate

  5. Paul Carter

    Fabulous Chris. You legend! I will be very happy to follow your blog and your adventures. Best of luck to you both!

  6. Rossana

    Stay lsafe, looking forward to following the journey.

  7. Roger Claus

    Wednesday 26 Apri
    Just getting ready for work,got to cut
    Some hair,you probably have a bit of
    Sailing to do,wish I could you.Bet your
    Going to do some fishing ,tough life
    Have a great day!

  8. Ian Rhodes

    Bon Voyage you two:-) Am looking forward to keeping in touch. Just left Melacca today and was gazing over The Straits towards Sumatra thinking you’d be passing by soon. Much love Rhodesie

  9. Catherine

    Living the dream Chris and Ben, happy sails.

  10. Bernard

    All the best Chris and son.
    Old friend of Deanne
    Keen to follow the journey!

  11. Poodle

    Checking your progress every day Spot. Nice tailwind so far?

  12. Poodle

    nice tailwind 7 knots

  13. Poodle

    @thursday 13th…..hard to tell by the zig zagging but I guess you are going to either the Maldives, Seychelles…or Mogadishu? If its the latter keep the AK-47 close by the wheel house?

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